TMI? GERD or Acid Reflux, health coverage, etc
April 19, 2010, 11:03 pm
Filed under: Life

Filed under the “getting old” category, I think I’ve developed a sensitivity to red wine, which makes me very, very sad. Red wine with meat, chocolate, or cheese are combinations that I love, but I’m noticing lately that it might not love me back.

I hate to be gross, so don’t keep reading if you’re squeamish.

I noticed that the last couple of times I’ve drunk red wine, I’ve had issues.  My chest would feel tight and heartburn-ish.  At first I chalked it up to maybe heartburn from the heavy food.  Then about a month ago after red wine with dinner, I coughed and well, a little bit of vomit came up and I ran to the bathroom (luckily we were at home). It freaked me out; it had never happened before. Tonight I had one glass of wine that came free with my dinner, and I noticed I was burping a lot and feeling like my entire dinner could come up with any of those burps.

Sorry, I warned you it was gross!

Anyway, I came home and did a simple search on red wine and acid reflux, and there were a lot of hits that came up.  When I was younger, I also had trouble tolerating tomato sauce – another food that is commonly linked to acid reflux/GERD.  I’m wondering if I can live with just avoiding those foods or if I truly need to take medication.  Going without red wine is very sad for a foodie, but I’d rather do that than take drugs.

Some Internet sources say to just avoid the trigger foods, others say it can cause tissue damage if untreated.  I know, I should talk to my doctor.  But being young and mobile, I haven’t had a steady doctor since I left my pediatrician 8 years ago.  And I’m finishing school in 6 weeks, which means my health coverage will end and I will need a different doctor after that (if I even have health insurance), so I feel like it’s not even worth it.  I guess I’ll just suck it up and try to squeeze in as many appointments as I can while I still have insurance.  Until then, no more red wine for me 😦


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