Dinner this week
February 16, 2010, 10:03 pm
Filed under: Shopping Day

Monday: tofu & carrot Szechuan stir fry, brown rice
Tuesday: Tilapia filets, roasted cauliflower
Wednesday: Butternut squash & duxelle casserole (From Feb 2010 issue of Veg Times), salad
Thursday: ditto
Friday: spaghetti
Saturday: ditto
Sunday: pizza

I’ve got some big cooking ambitions this week in order to plan ahead for busy days when I can’t cook or we’re out of groceries. I’m also trying to make some freezable lunches.  Why the preemptive measures? I’m going to Key West in one month for a wedding. Gotta lose weight and save money. It’s just too easy to grab a slice of pizza, a fattening sandwich, or head out for my favorite mac ‘n cheese when I have nothing to eat for lunch or dinner. I also want to eat well for the sake of eating better for health & the planet. (BTW, we find ourselves eating at Red Fez like every 2 weeks… sometimes more often than that.)

To-do list:
– make a few batches of pizza dough, one for now, one to freeze, one for hot pockets
– make a pot of marinara sauce (also with extra to freeze)
– experiment with homemade hot-pocket type things to freeze. I’ve had success with bean burritos, though they are a little soggy. Since I’m already making pizza dough and sauce, I’m gonna try these chicken parm things.


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Let me know how you like them! My kids love them and don’t even realize there is spinach in them.

Comment by Beth @ In Good Cents

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