Shopping Day and food resolutions
February 2, 2009, 9:42 pm
Filed under: Shopping Day

Last week, we spent $60 @ Whole Foods and it lasted us exactly one week. I made beef stew, bean & cheese enchiladas, and something else I don’t remember. This week, we spent $57 @ Whole Foods and I’m very excited about this week’s menu. They are all new recipes to try, except for the stir fry of course. The plan is:

Tuesday – Mussels cooked with white wine and chorizo, Italian bread, arugula & beet salad
Wednesday – random veggie stir fry, rice
Thursday, Friday, Saturday – Roasted vegetable stew, spinach salad; maybe dinner out on Friday?
Sunday & Monday – mushroom-pea risotto, some kind of vegetables

We have consistently been spending $60/wk shopping @ Whole Foods, which I didn’t think was much until I added up that it’s $240/month, way up from the $160-ish/month we spent when we were on food stamps.  But the food stamps shopping was split with some shopping at the conventional grocery store, which saved a lot of money. So I guess we are eating better, if you count organic and better quality produce as “better.” Our wallets aren’t really hurting from the increase in grocery budget so I guess those two things are all that really matter.

We’ve been trying to tighten up on going out to eat and money spent at bars. It’s only been like 3 weeks, but man it feels like *work*. School has been in session for almost 2 weeks, and I resolved to spend less on buying food during school days. I have not bought a single cup of coffee! I’ve been sticking a tea bag in my purse just in case I need an afternoon caffeine fix. I was so proud of myself when I thought I was doing well, but it hasn’t even been that long. Still, I’m pretty sure I might have saved at least $20 per week, maybe even $30, when I stayed conscious about buying food on campus. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that I was spending about $10-$15 lunch once a week, then around $15 on coffee spread throughout the week. Yikes.


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