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October 18, 2008, 11:39 am
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Giant Pocky
Giant ass Pocky, next to my hand for scale. Seen @ Black Ink (?) in Beacon Hill, Boston.

Instant maki?
“Instant” maki kit, seen @ Whole Foods.

For $4.50, you get a bowl of rice that cooks in the microwave, one sheet of nori, and a packet of soy sauce. It makes “10 pieces” (aka one maki roll). But you have to prepare and make your own filling so it’s not even that convenient! If you’re going to do half the work, you might as well do it all.  A whole package of nori (probably 10x what’s in this kit) costs about $3 at my Asian market, and a bowl of rice is pennies. I also thought instant sushi in a box was really funny.

I don’t know how I let almost a month pass without posting, because I’ve still been cooking, and I’ve always got ideas about things to blog about. Witness all of my food adventures since I last blogged:

– went to The Big E, a giant New England fair, and ate crazy amounts of fair food & regional food. Rhode Island seafood chowder was my favorite.

– Molasses clove cookies, perfect for fall. My favorite thing about these cookies is that when you take them out of the oven, they look all puffy and domed like a cookie with too much baking powder. But as they cool, they sink into flat chewy goodness and get pretty crackly tops.
– Ate wild boar @ Loie Fuller. The restaurant feels soooo luxurious but everything is under $20! “I don’t like pot roast, and this is kind of like pot roast…. but without the taste I don’t like about it.” That was my exact reaction. Wild boar was much lighter in flavor than I expected. I couldn’t finish it though because the sauce was so sweet and eventually it was too much.
– My mom gave me a slab of veal breast, so I trimmed off the ribs and made my first veal roast. Four hours of roasting (for a 2 lb piece of meat) + red wine-based braising liquid made it pretty good, but then I messed it up in the end. The red wine butter gravy was yum though. The bones are in the freezer, waiting for me to make stock.
– Made pumpkin bars with cream cheese icing.
– Tried making my own “hot pockets” because I don’t like sandwiches and liked the idea of being able to grab one out of the fridge or freezer for lunch. I used store bought pizza dough, and just put some ground beef + cheese inside. Both the dough and the filling were a big fail.
– I saw a lot of people eating Vietnamese noodle salad at the pho house, so I made some at home but with chopped up egg rolls instead of meat. Simple, fresh, good.
– Ate at Gourmet Dumpling House in Chinatown, Boston. Delicious, fun, cheap, gigantic portions; would love to go back. I didn’t leave feeling oily & greasy like I sometimes feel after too many dumpling-type food. Scallion pancakes were also great, but I like mine with even more scallions.


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Check out the Avery, a bar owned by the same people as Loie Fuller –

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