New Dishes!
October 26, 2008, 2:41 pm
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New dishes

We eyed these at Pottery Barn at the beginning of the summer. (The salad plates & bowls; the dinner plate is from their everyday collection) Kept going back to visit them, and finally in October they were on sale. All of our food looks so much better on the new dishes!

The curly-cues on the salad plates remind me of this club I used to go to in New Orleans – The Red Room. The outside was covered in steel that supposedly came from the Eiffel Tower. They let my 17 year old ass into that club my first few days at Tulane and the tone was set. There was one night of the week when it was “Ladies’ night” where between 10pm to midnight, it was a $5 cover but free drinks for girls, so there was a whole lot of drinking in two hours. And even though it was a club, I don’t ever remember it being really crowded, or ever being bothered by douchebag dudes that we might have run into across town on Bourbon St. Other people I knew claimed that fancy frat parties & public sex happened in the private rooms but my innocence kept me away from all of that. I just remember it as fun times with the girls and rum punch.


Food Finds
October 18, 2008, 11:39 am
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Giant Pocky
Giant ass Pocky, next to my hand for scale. Seen @ Black Ink (?) in Beacon Hill, Boston.

Instant maki?
“Instant” maki kit, seen @ Whole Foods.

For $4.50, you get a bowl of rice that cooks in the microwave, one sheet of nori, and a packet of soy sauce. It makes “10 pieces” (aka one maki roll). But you have to prepare and make your own filling so it’s not even that convenient! If you’re going to do half the work, you might as well do it all.  A whole package of nori (probably 10x what’s in this kit) costs about $3 at my Asian market, and a bowl of rice is pennies. I also thought instant sushi in a box was really funny.

I don’t know how I let almost a month pass without posting, because I’ve still been cooking, and I’ve always got ideas about things to blog about. Witness all of my food adventures since I last blogged: Continue reading