Eating Providence, part 2
September 4, 2008, 12:45 am
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I don’t review every place I eat at, just the places that stand out or are unique in some way. There are a lot of places I end up at that may not be bad but I don’t feel like reviewing them because… well, how many American bar & grill places do I want to write about? Read more for mini-reviews.

Rick’s Roadhouse – Decent BBQ food. If you like sports, it seems like a fun place to watch a game.

Salas in Newport – It’s located in a very touristy area of a very touristy beach town, so I didn’t have high expectations. Service was awful (at least a half hour before we got water), but acceptable seafood. Really cheap prices for a touristy place! Only $6 for a cup of clam chowder and 3 clam cakes. I was impressed at the amount of clams in the fritters, but my watery chowder was mostly potatoes. I am still on the hunt for a good seafood shack in Rhode Island.

SPICE Thai – Mediocre Thai food. Noodles were gluey. I don’t trust a Thai restaurant that doubles as a coffee & espresso shop.

Kartabar – Kartabar is located on Thayer Street, a very crowded main drag where college students and tourists hangout. Kartabar is where students might go if they want to pretend to be upscale and trendy. I only went there because I wanted a place close to home and the abililty to sit outside; Mussels were good, Gnocchi with Filet Mignon was acceptable, but a complete waste of filet mignon. I think you can get the filet dinner for like $22. Does it make sense that I’m more sketched out by that than excited?

On that note…

Thayer Street – If you are travelling to Providence, someone might recommend Thayer Street. The food there is mostly casual shops where the college crowd can grab quick bites. There are a handful of larger restaurants, but those restaurants are not worth going to if you’re just visiting and want to make the most of your stay. The restaurants all look the same from the outside and all feature extensive salads, gourmet sandwiches, wraps, pizza and burgers, long cocktail menus, in candle-lit white tablecloth atmospheres. I wouldn’t say that those places suck, but I’m guessing that you probably have one where you live too. If you’re there on a weekend night, there is a a 70% chance that you will get harassed by a man with gelled hair, tribal tattoo, and an Affliction style graphic t-shirt. No, seriously.

Providence Monthly magazine had a spread on 20 places to eat for under $20, so I want to make my way through that list. There seems to be a lot of places in town that have prix-fixe menus for under $20. Three down, 17 left. And there’s a whole “little Italy” section of town I haven’t made it to yet.


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