July 7, 2008, 9:36 pm
Filed under: Life

My co-worker gave me organic lettuce from her garden today. Almost all of my co-workers have gardens and/or CSA shares and they always trade vegetables and talk about what went into their fresh lunches that day. I’m the only person in the office who is not up in that. I like good food obviously, but I’m not that interested in what goes on behind the scenes. I don’t like spending time in nature generally, I don’t do CSA shares because it’s too much work to pick the vegetables and figure out what to do with “weird” veggies, and I roll my eyes at white people who think berry picking is a fun activity because I grew up among immigrants (mostly teens and the elderly) who were paid $3 for every 12-pint pack of berries that they picked in the June-July sun. Sooo does that make me a lazy foodie princess?

Anyway this bag of lettuce shows up in a handy paper shopping bag that once held Via Spiga shoes (that’s more my style!). I was grateful but I was surprised and confused. What? It doesn’t come from a store already misted with water? It’s not in a flimsy plastic bag or my cotton vegetable bags? I stared at it and wondered if I should put it in the office fridge (I didn’t).

After I got home I was all sweaty from the bus, so I stuffed the whole bag into the fridge. Five hours later, I thought I should put the lettuce into something more appropriate so I stared at it again. And I was reminded that because it was fresh picked from the garden, it was still really dirty. Full of visible dirt. I would have to soak it multiple times in the sink, which means I would have to clean my sink first of course. It sounds like so much work! I’m actually really ashamed at how much I didn’t want to clean the lettuce.

Maybe as I grow older and get more experienced with food, my opinions on going closer to the source will change. I’m just not ready to get dirt under my fingernails! Right now I’m only ready to pay a billion times markup to buy it at the store.

On the other hand, I do love the smell of the produce section at Whole Foods. It must be a combination of the better quality produce and smaller space, because the regular Stop ‘n Shop produce section doesn’t have that wonderful smell.


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