Shopping Day
June 17, 2008, 3:03 pm
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I’m trying to be better at reporting groceries. I did some shopping at 11pm last night because we were totally out of vegetables and lunch foods. (That’s why I had to go to the mega-mart instead of Whole Foods. It was so cheap!) I have to go shopping again later in the week to get a few more ingredients. I have a feeling that these next two weeks will be light on groceries because our freezer seems to be getting full and we need to empty it out.

$30 @ Stop and Shop

– wheat bread
– wheat english muffins
– cottage cheese
– extra sharp cheddar cheese
– American cheese from the deli
– yogurt (5 cups)
– deli turkey breast
– deli chicken breast
– frozen broccoli
– romaine lettuce
– mixed baby greens
– scallions

– lime
– grape tomatoes
– peaches (2)

The Menu (June 15-21)

Sunday – pool party! dinner out

Monday & Tuesday – leftover curry that I had in the freezer, rice

Wednesday & Thursday – baked mac ‘n cheese, salad or broccoli

Friday – possibly a free dinner at an event that I’m going to; otherwise, it’s pasta with goat cheese & mixed greens

Saturday – dinner @ my sister’s baby shower

Half of the things that I bought were to accommodate my healthy eating plan. The deli chicken, english muffins, cottage cheese, yogurt, and extra lettuce. Why is it that when I’m on a diet, I end up spending more money on food?

I don’t want to call it a “diet” because I don’t feel like it is. It’s the Body for Life plan and I feel like it’s simple and it works. Weight Watchers was working for me, but it had its problems. One, it was a lot of counting and calculating and I felt like it made me obsess about food. Two, I was skeptical about their points system. The amount of calories, fat, and fiber are put into an equation and reduces down to a number of points. Typically, you are allowed to have 20 points worth of food. After I figured out my food and points, I entered everything I ate into a nutrition calculator. Twenty “points” always added up to around 1100 calories and I didn’t feel like that was healthy. I’ve participated in a couple of exercise science studies before where they measured my breathing, blood flow, and other fancy things in order to calculate exactly how much energy I expend. Based on what they had me doing and eating, and based on common sense, I don’t think 1100 is good in the long run even if it makes me lose weight. The Eating for Life plan seems a lot easier in that fist-sized portions of vegetable, carb, and low fat protein make up your meals. And in between that you can have balanced snacks that consist of one “portion” of both protein and carb. It’s a lot less thinking and calculating than Weight Watchers. It feels more natural.

I think weight watchers is a good program though for people who can do it correctly, because you do get a balanced amount of protein, carbs, and very little fat. I also think that to succeed in WW you have to become an expert in how 3 “points” of one food is more valuable than 3 points of another, and how to mix and match foods in order to meet all of your needs. I think the plan could lead to eating disorders for others because of all of the counting and calculating.


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