Shopping Day
May 20, 2008, 1:19 pm
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I just realized that I had drafts of posts that I never published. That’s why it looks like I just made 4 new posts in one day.

It’s shopping day already! Because we got free dinners & ate improve meals last week, and because we’re going away for the long weekend, I can afford to spend more. This week is full of good eating and I got to restock on olive oil.

$63 @ Whole Foods
– Greek yogurt (single serving)
– plain nonfat yogurt (32oz)

– olive oil
– chocolate mint oreos
– water crackers
– pine nuts, bulk
– apples (3)
– banana (1)
– kale, 2 small bunches
– arugala

– lemon (1)
– garlic
– basil
– mozzarella cheese, 8 oz
– manchego cheese
– deli turkey
– deli muenster cheese
– boneless skinless chicken breasts (2)
– yams (2)

The Menu

Sunday & Monday – Little Thimbles pasta and sauteed kale; It was a great meal! The pasta dish needs a better name and I only put in 4 oz of mozzarella (instead of 8). I’ve eaten raw kale before and it was gross. This was my first time cooking it and it was really good.

Tuesday – Split Pea Burgers and sweet potato wedges

Wednesday & Thursday – Chicken Pesto Pizza with arugula salad

Thursday through Monday – Going to St. Louis, hopefully the in-laws will give us good meals


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