Cupcakes, Pedicures or groceries?
April 28, 2008, 10:02 pm
Filed under: Shopping Day

I had another embarrassingly expensive week. I’ll just get right into it.

$58.00 @ Stop ‘n Shop

– English muffins (buy 1 get 1 free!)
– shredded cheese
– pepperoni
– smoked cheddar cheese
– water crackers
– rainbow sprinkles
– canned tuna (2)
– Crisco
– powdered sugar
– enchilada sauce
– cream of tartar
– tortillas
– Wheat Thins
black bean tortilla chips
– green pepper
– onions (2)
– potato
– lettuce
– grapes

$3 @ Chinese market

– chopped dried seaweed
– lime
– piece of bulk tofu; it’s soooo cheap!

Two factors that doubled my grocery bill this week:

1) Went shopping at 9pm. The deli was closed, and I don’t like the taste & texture of prepackaged deli meats. I stupidly came up with the idea that we’d have tuna or egg salad one or two days, and then make some adult Lunchables for other days. We got smoked cheddar, Boar’s Head Pepperoni, crackers, and grapes. $18 right there. Fucking grapes cost $3/lb and only come in 2lb bags = $6 for grapes. WTF.

2) Right before I left to go shopping, I watched a brand new episode of Good Eats. I love Good Eats and there hasn’t been a new episode in forever. The subject of the show? Cupcakes! I also loooove cupcakes. I immediately amended my grocery list to include the ingredients for cupcakes. Hence the shortening, powdered sugar, cupcake papers, sprinkles, and cream of tartar. $10 (not including the butter)

Bam! Half of my grocery money was spent on bougie things I didn’t need. Speaking of bougie things I don’t need – I wanted to get a pedicure this week so that I could start wearing open-toed shoes. (I indulge in pedicures like twice a year; at the beginning and middle of sandal season) But after this trip, that’s not going to happen this week. Boo.

The Menu

Sunday – frozen mushroom pizza from last week

Monday – miso soup and Asian lettuce wraps

Tuesday – split pea burgers

Wednesday & Thursday – massaman tofu curry

Friday & Saturday – bean & cheese enchiladas


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