Shopping Day
April 6, 2008, 5:52 pm
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Today was my first grocery shopping trip of the month. I think I last went shopping on the 30th. My food stamp month actually begins on the 4th, which is when I get the next month’s money. I’m not sure how to format my grocery shopping lists, but let’s see how it goes. Organic items will be marked in green.

42.06 @ Whole Foods:
– mixed nuts (1 lb for $5!)
frozen waffles
chocolate mint oreo-type cookies
– box of tomato-basil risotto
Graham Bumpers cereal (like Golden Grahams)
– maple syrup, 12 oz
head of red leaf lettuce
red onion
– plum tomatoes (2)
– asparagus, 1 lb
– green bell pepper
– fresh sea scallops (12 oz, on sale)

I still need to buy broccoli, which Whole Foods didn’t have. Shopping was light this week because I won’t be home for dinner on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday plus I’m using a few things we have in the freezer. And we still have bread and sandwich fixins from last week, so I didn’t have to buy those.

The Menu

Sunday – Scallops and asparagus with risotto; I’m not sure if I will use the boxed risotto or make my own.

Monday – leftovers for him; I’m driving 2 hours to a wine & cheese reception at one of the graduate schools I got accepted to. I might stop at Wendy’s if I’m still hungry.

Tuesday – boxed mac ‘ n cheese, side of broccoli; I once bought a 12-pack of Annie’s Mac ‘n Cheese at Costco for like $8! It will probably last us a year.

Wednesday – Chicken burritos, maybe a side of black beans; using chicken, tortillas, and cheese that I already had in the freezer and canned beans that I stocked up on when they were on sale.

Thursday – leftovers

Friday – On Fridays, I work with a program that brings urban middle & high school kids to visit college campuses. I get to eat in the college dining halls for free. Brian will either scrounge in the cabinets or go out.

Saturday – out. (We ended up going to Taco Bell)

Money remaining: $138.65 (I must have had some money leftover last month)


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So…what do the color categories mean? Organic, etc?

Comment by Kate

Organic items are green, “natural” (no preservatives, etc.) are blue

Comment by everydayasian

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